The Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel was built in 1909 in Estes Park Colorado, USA and is only less than 6 miles away from Rocky Mountain National Park. The hotel has 138 guestrooms and has been known for having paranormal activity for many years. It is also the hotel that Stephen King stayed in when he wrote his book, The Shining.

The mini series of the same name was filmed at the Stanley Hotel and Stephen King himself said he witnessed hauntings while staying at the hotel.

Stephen King stayed in room 217 and it is reported that when he first checked into the Stanley Hotel that he and his wife left their room after leaving their luggage at the door, and returned to find it all put away. No maid had been in the room while they had been gone.

He also heard children running up and down the hall, and there were no children staying at the hotel at that time. I have also been to the Stanley Hotel and I have investigated room 217 for paranormal activity and I had some interesting things happen while there.

I was in the room with a small group of people and our emf meters went off all in the same location of the room. I started taking pictures. Later when viewing these pictures there was some sort of mist in every picture that had someone holding up their emf meter. As the readings moved and we moved the emf meter, I continued to take pictures. The mist in these pictures seemed to move as well.

Taps ghost hunters have also set up paranormal investigations at the Stanley Hotel and they have come up with some pretty interesting results.

One of them was when one of the investigators was sleeping in room 401.

Now this room has been reported to have activity, with things like jewelery going missing.

So the paranormal investigators thought this would be a great room to investigate for ghost hauntings. They were right.

In the middle of the night while the investigator, Jason Hawes was sleeping, his closet door opened on it's own, and his drinking glass spontaneously broke without being touched. All this caught on tape as well, which makes it quite extraordinary to see paranormal activity documented.

When I was staying at the Stanley my friend and I were sharing a hotel room to keep costs down. We were lucky enough to get the hotel room that was next to the Stephen King room.

We had unusual things happen to us in that room as well. When we would talk and get emotional like girls do, the lights would dim, or flicker.

We took out our evp recorder and started asking questions like, " Is someone in the room with us? "

Now it is said the reason why the Stephen King room is haunted is because a maid blew herself up by accident in that room many years before.

So we asked on the recording, "Are you the maid that blew herself up in the next hotel room?" We hear a man's voice answer back, "No." in the evp recording.